Pain and discomfort is your body's way of telling you that something is not right. Biomechanical pain and foot-related pain can be felt from the feet up to the lower back. If you've experienced pain in your back, hip, knee or foot, an experienced medical professional can assess what type of orthotics are right for you.

Relieve Your Pain

A treatment plan to relieve your pain is not just about orthotics. In can also include essential strengthening and stretching exercises, a change in the shoes you wear and potentially a change in your lifestyle habits. This combined treatment approach not only helps you improve quickly, but also aims to prevent experiencing pain in the future.

What are Orthotics?

When you physically challenge yourself, your joints, muscles and tendons are put under strain they are not used to. Modern day footwear does not always support your feet. Orthotics stabilize your feet and lower limbs, reducing foot and posture-related pain, injury and muscle fatigue. At FYZICAL, we use Formthotics Custom Medical Orthotics, which are made of Formax foam with no plastic pieces. They adapt and move with your body, comfortably supporting every moment of your activity.


We will assess the details of your pain, what might have caused it and how it has affected your body. If we find that orthotics will help, we will fit the right Formthotics for your, your shoes and your activities. Formthotics gently mold to the contours of your feet and your shoes. You will see your foot shape imprinted into the Formthotics within a week of wearing them. We can also make any adjustments to your Formthotics as you begin to wear them. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!