Sally Ann Cupertino

"I am a believer! A little over a year ago I was highly recommended to see Brett Russell of FYZICAL / Russell PT.

I had an ongoing issue with my shoulders for TWO years prior and chiropractors and doctors couldn't find a cure. I was doing exercises to no avail. The ice-pick stabbing pain, that would occur, brought tears to my eyes. 

A friend and highly regarded Strength and Conditioning Coach recommended that I go to FYZICAL / Russell PT and try a technique called 'dry needling'.  I wish I would have known about this at the onset of my issue.  

Two years of painful episodes was alleviated in about 6 sessions of ‘dry-needling’ and physical therapy.

Physical therapy for total knees and hips is yet another credit to this establishment, not to mention the many other areas they can assist in the healing process. 

The caring staff Brett Russell handpicked is second to none. From the initial phone call to hands on staff,  they share a common goal. The patients recovery from the issue that brought them in. 

You owe it to yourself, and be a believer as I was. Do it for you...why wait as long as I did."

Vance Ferrigno, FAFS, CSCS, CEP

"As an active and fit 57-year-old, I have had issues with various injuries due to my love of anything that will test my strength and endurance. From crashed bikes to falls from rock walls I’ve banged myself up bad at times. As an exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach I have a strong background it being able to discern a quality physical therapy program.

I have always been able to turn to Brett Russell, PT of FYZICAL / Russell PT to help me get me back on track in a timely professional manner. I feel so confident it his and his team’s ability that I have sent my wife to him and refer many of my clients to him when the need arises. Brett and his team have a warm professional rapport with their patients and I’ve could not be more pleased with the results I have received as well as those of the clients I have referred."

Holly Rollins

"With FYZICAL's PT and hip alignment following an injury, I can continue to be super active-spin class, hiking and Barre classes and much more."